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IT Service Management

The main goal of IT service management is to align IT with business goals. This can be done through continuous process improvements across in all the areas of the enterprise. We can help to:

  • Develop a service management strategy and high-level design
  • Develop a service transition blueprint
  • Improve IT decision making by adopting governance best practices
  • Optimize the value of your IT with an effective service management strategy

Design and implementation of Middleware Solutions

Many banks and other financial institutions have complex and diverse IT systems distributed over the enterprise, developed over the years by different vendors. In addition to that financial institutions utilize different channels to collaborate with customers: bank branches, ATMs, web, call centers, partner organizations, etc.

The most efficient architecture that enables IT to manage the existing infrastructure and continuously upgrade and add new services as business needs evolve is Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

We provide all the services necessary to build optimal middleware solution for your organization:

  • Design infrastructure conceptual and specifications
  • Implementation and testing services
  • Migration and integration services

Whether you are considering migrating your existing products or deploying new products in your infrastructure, we can help you successfully plan, configure, install, test and integrate your solution.

Infrastructure and Application Performance Management

Infrastructure and Application Performance Management are becoming more and more important as companies move towards complex real-time SOA. While many IT departments successfully manage their infrastructure elements such as systems, databases or network, the application performance management is a relatively new concept.

We provide design and implementation of Infrastructure and Application Performance Management based on best industry practices such as IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL®) framework and IT Service Management Reference Model (ITSM).

We can help to build modern and efficient IT management solutions based on the products from leading IT management vendors CA - CA Spectrum и CA Wily among others.

IT Audit

The IT audit's agenda is to establish effectiveness of your IT operations in the following areas:

  • Availability of computer systems at all times when required
  • Confidentiality of the information
  • Integrity, reliability and readiness of the information

We can help to audit your IT infrastructure as a part of internal IT audit or to meet regulatory or shareholders compliance requests.

Design and Implementation Services for a Cloud Infrastructure and Virtualization

Cloud computing and Virtualization may help you address escalating IT costs. These technologies will help you to:

  • Reduce costs
  • Increase productivity
  • Enable continuous technology change to implement new business processes
  • Improve resiliency and security to help protect data and address corporate and governmental mandates

We can help to:

  • Deliver a cloud computing or (and) virtualization strategy that helps align IT and business objectives
  • Identify workloads best suited for cloud computing
  • Select hardware and software architecture that is optimal for your needs
  • Design, engineer and select optimal data center configuration

Implementation of TCS BaNCS Core Banking System

Implementation of new core banking system is one if the most challenging projects in the banking areas - it affects all the business processes and the entire banking organization. It is never easy. Over the last decade top Russian banks increasingly moved towards implementing world class core banking solutions from the foreign vendors.

While these systems offers wide breath of functionality, versatility and excellent performance they do not support Russian Accounting Standards (RAS), do not provide regulative reporting, don’t work with Russian payment systems and miss other local functions vital to the Russian bank.

Thus to implement foreign banking system we should not only deal with the chores of adjusting systems to bank’s specific needs, but also to adapt it to work in Russia, process called localization. The localization process could be very long and very expensive.

In 2007 we have selected the TCS BaNCS as a new Core Banking system of B&N bank.

TCS BaNCS is a globally recognized industry leader, with its solutions consistently ranked in top positions by industry experts.

TCS BaNCS Core Banking offers

  • Complete coverage of lines-of-business: deposits, loan origination and servicing, payments, treasury management, trade finance, and cards
  • Functional depth and market-tested reliability
  • Multi-channel integration:
    Provides a consistent customer experience across multiple channels with total visibility to the bank’s servicing agents, enabling banking ‘anywhere anytime’
  • Single view of the customer and the bank:
    Provides a comprehensive view of customer activities across lines of business and access channels, as well as a single view of the bank’s products and services to the customer.

One of the main reasons of selecting BaNCS was TCS’s committed to our project and readiness to allocate implementation resources that we need.

We had to work under 24 month deadline and stay within the tight budget. We decided to design the project on the following pillars:

  1. BaNCS would provide business with on-line 24/7 service, we will integrate it with local Russian G/L system.
  2. We will do regulative reporting – this integrating Banks with separate reporting systems.
  3. We will keep existing systems such as processing, payments, etc.
  4. We will use SOA using Oracle ESB as a middleware. Robust integration is critical to succeed.
  5. We will automate the implementation process as much as possible - data migration, testing , reconciliation.
  6. We will build Application Performance management and Infrastructure management applications so that when we go live we will be ready to deal with real-world issues.

We went live in 2009 in one of our branches and in 2011 we will move the entire enterprise on the new platform.

Why work with Universal KUBE?

  • We have been an early adapters of SOA and built one of the most complex SOA landscapes in Eastern Europe
  • We are completely vendor neutral and have extensive experience working with middleware solutions from such industry leaders as IBM or Oracle as well as open source products such as Apache
  • We offers an expertise across many business processes combined with expertise and disciplined planned implementation approach